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  • 14 January - 26 November

    New part time and evening courses

    New part time and evening courses in Tourism, Hospitality, Nutrition & Health, Supply Teaching & Learning in Schools, HND in...

  • 18 January - 16 December

    GCSE/GCE June 2014 exam entries

    GCSE/GCE June 2014 exam entries  – SCL will register private or re-sits students for June 2014 exam from 21 Feb...



  • A top quality ICM  approved programme by the Stratford College London that provides study material, assignments and student support to upskill in business management and gain confidence to study for higher qualifications. Elsewhere a similar qualification would cost more.

    Anjana Pandey, 2011 Student
  • I didn’t think that I would be able to do this course in the beginning. The first assignment was hard and I almost gave up. I gave it one last shot and finished the course with a B+ ,  I was so proud of myself. Now I am about to start my own business. Any one can do it.

    Adeel Ahmed, Student